Are you tired of feeling isolated and alone in your experience of living with chronic illness? Do you long for a community that sees you and understands your story? Do you seek support around all aspects of your illness from the physical to the emotional to the spiritual?

You don’t have to walk your chronic illness journey alone. Join us for connection, support, and joy.

This group is for anyone identified as a woman in the Northampton, Massachusetts area (Pioneer Valley/Western Massachusetts) to receive peer support around living with chronic illness. It is a safe space, free of judgment and unsolicited advice, to share your experiences with other women who also live with chronic illness.

We also explore a variety of discussion topics and activities, including food, communicating with loved ones and healthcare providers, managing stress, and finding joy in life.

All groups are Trans and Queer welcoming.

Email List

Sign up for our email list to receive email invitations to upcoming events and occasional invitations from our facilitators for free opportunities or gatherings they are offering. We send about 2-3 emails per month.

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